Mission Groups

At Midtown we believe it is important to grow in Christ, and when possible, serve while doing so. We have several groups that focus on an area of growth, service, and/or outreach.

United Couples

A discipleship group for newlyweds led by two couples with almost 60 yrs of combined marriage happiness. This group is open to join and meets every other Sunday @ 1pm. For more information, contact Pastor Todd Briggs at toddcbriggs@gmail.com.

Restoring Your Heart

RYH is a process that helps people become aware of how the hurts from their past have affected their present, learn how to grieve over those hurts and come to a place of full forgiveness.

It is important to attend these groups from beginning to end so contact toddcbriggs@gmail.com for details on when the next set of groups will start.


Twenty somethings, couples and singles. Missional focus on discipleship in service. The goal is to be part of the design of our church, forming culture and community interaction. The group is open to join and meets monthly. Every 3rd Wednesday, 7pm @ Midtown Church. For info contact Ethan: ethan.belcher@gmail.com


Empty nesters, both singles and couples. A missional community focused on growing and serving. Our missional focus is Peace Prep. / Oaks ATL kids and their families. The group is open to join, meeting 1st Friday’s of the month @ 7:00pm. Location: Midtown Church. For more information, contact toddcbriggs@gmail.com.