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Mark Pt. 16: Hunger

Hunger For God Acted Upon Loaves and Fish… A familiar story, where do you see yourself in it? Bumper Sticker: ‘Do you follow Jesus this close?’ In our passage today about 7000 people followed Jesus. Not figuratively but literally followed Him around a lake, for miles over rough terrain because they were spiritually hungry…and they […]

Mark Pt. 15: A Role In HIStory

Thanks to everyone who played a part in enabling me to take this break! I am humbled and blessed to be part of the team leading this church, Christ’s church! My Sabbatical: Family / Rest / Travel / Connection with old friends / Listening to God. Laban has been doing a great job connecting Mark’s […]

Mark Pt. 10: Big Picture Parables

Pt. 10: Big Picture Parables 4:21-34 [NASB 1995] Four Parables about Big Picture Principles 2 about God’s Word, 2 about The Kingdom of God As disciples of Jesus Christ we do well to grasp and live by these principles As context we keep in mind what Christ said about the 1st parable He told Then […]

Mark Pt. 9: Responding To The Word of God

There is nothing more important you will do in this life than respond to God’s Word. What does Jesus mean when He uses the term ‘God’s Word’? God’s Word embodies who He is. It is the revelation of His character, His will for mankind and the ways in which He calls us to relate to […]

Mark Pt. 8: The True Family Of Christ

Jesus tied up Satan and plundered his house. What He took was my soul, perhaps your soul. Jesus has the Spiritual Authority to constrict the Enemy & a Spiritual Family love for His followers. Christ exercises His Spiritual dominion over the kingdom of satan throughout the Gospel of Mark. Today, all over the world, Christ […]

Mark Pt. 7: Spiritual Balance & The Call To Lead

We have two somewhat connected stories in today’s passage. We will learn some things that pertain to all who would be a ‘Disciples’ of Christ. We will learn somethings about being called to leadership of Christ’s body. As followers of Christ we need both the healing & teaching of Jesus. As followers of Christ we […]

Mark Pt. 6: The Heart of The Sabbath

Today we have two separate instances of Jesus talking about the sabbath. We do well to understand what Christ tells us about the sabbath. What is the heart of the Sabbath? On my pastoral Renewal Pilgrimage to The Holy Land in 2009 I learned a lot about the biblical principals we, as Christ followers, should […]

Mark Pt. 5: New Wine

We got accepted to the pool / recreation club a couple of days ago… It is hard living as an outsider. The desire of each human is to be part of something / community, family Last Week: Mark 2:10-12 …but so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to […]

Mark Pt. 3: What Jesus Wants

How much time do we spend figuring out what Jesus wants? We see him mostly as a teacher, a exorcist and a healer…and He is really in demand. But what does He want to show us trough His actions and words? We are looking at the 1st days of His public ministry. He begins a […]