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Malachi Pt. 5: Honesty With God About Giving

I hope you can see this passage today as warning rather than judgement. If you are out of alignment with God’s Word there is forgiveness if you repent. As we look at this passage today there are some important principals to keep in mind: Jesus’ church has always read the Old Testament Scriptures and taken […]

Malachi Pt. 4: Are You Ready?

This passage give us hope and challenges us. As the last prophetic Word God would give to the Israelites it is a combination of the ‘Carrot & The Stick’. While God is chastising His people He is also pointing them to great hope in His Messiah.The part of Malachi message we are looking at today […]

Malachi Pt. 2: Corrupt Worship Destroys Relationship

Sacrifice is at the core of our relationship with our Creator. True sacrifice is the giving away things you value to someone you who is more valuable to you than the thing. Sacrifice is foundational in all intimate relationships. Parents sacrifice for their children, siblings & real friends sacrifice for each other. Where does that […]

Malachi Pt. 1: Unrecognized Love

To be truly Biblical Christians we not only need to be well versed in the New Testament but we also need to understand the Hebrew scriptures in light of Christ. TEMPLE DESTROYED 586 BC / 1ST EXILES RETURNED 538 BC / TEMPLE REBUILT 516 BC / EZRA ARRIVES 458 BC / NEHEMIAH ARRIVES 444 BC […]

2nd Peter Pt. 6: Waiting In Grace

Last week: Pretty intense look at ‘The Day of The Lord’. What do you believe about Jesus returning? How does it change the way you live? Do you have hope in the return of Christ… What does hope look like day after day, year after year? Lifestyle, values, behaviors and choices. We are called to […]

2nd Peter Pt. 5: Word, Time & Mercy

What is God’s Word? How does Time work for God? What are the bounds of His Mercy? Common themes for Peter & God’s revelation… lots of repetition in scripture. We are going to hear about the ‘Day of The Lord’ an event that Christ spoke of. Wisdom…James 1:5 ~ If any of you needs wisdom […]

2nd Peter Pt. 3: God’s Justice

What is the truth about God? What becomes of those who misrepresent Him? What is Justice? How come at times it seems like the guilty go unpunished? What is the standard we use to decide what is just or unjust? Our emotions? Can we protect our hearts and minds from being corrupted by non-Biblical ideas? […]

2nd Peter Pt. 2: How Christ’s Body Values Scripture

Cultures are defined by what they value. The value of various things shape culture. What we ascribe value to here at MIDTOWN Church guides the way we live. More than anything else we value Christ Jesus, His Body & His Word. In the opening of this letter, Peter stresses how important it is for every […]

2nd Peter Pt. 1: Responding To Christ’s Promises

This letter is a Universal or ‘catholic’ epistle / letter meant to be passed around the churches from city to city. Written near the end of his life, most likely from Rome, Peter alone had the gravitas to send a message to all the churches from there to Jerusalem. Today’s passage: Peter greets and gets […]

Seven Resolutions

Resolutions: Do you make them? Do you keep them? The idea is to grow in some way. Everyone wants to grow in some way. Two key things you need to grow as a follower of Christ: Motivation and Direction I have both for you today. 1st The Motivation: Wherever you are I hope this declaration […]