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Joshua Pt. 15: God Provides, HIS People Obey

Practice: praying before during and after Biblical preaching; asking God to use what is being said to convict, educate and inspire you. Ask God to keep you from thinking about other people’s need to hear what is being preached, ask HIM to focus you on your need. There is really no application in this text […]

Joshua Pt. 14: HIS Plan

Today’s passage is easily dismissed and overlooked as just more conquest. But it is just as important as any part of God’s Word. Do we have the humility before the ‘All-Everything God’ to trust HE knows best? Do you believe that whatever your idea of best is, God’s idea of best is better? Previously on […]

Joshua Pt. 13: God Is Omni Everything

What is your view of God? Where are you as far as having a solid Biblical Theology? How we view God is the most important thing in this world. We cannot be rightly related to someone who we do not know and understand. Getting to know God is no small deal…there is a lot to […]

Joshua Pt. 12: True Partnership With God

As followers of Christ do we need some kind of explanation for miracles like this? (Old NASA Rumor) Slowing of Earth’s rotation? Earth wobbling on it’s axis? Some form of bending light? Did we require a explanation for God parting the Jordan river… or for that matter the Red Sea? Perhaps nothing physically changed yet […]

Elisha Pt. 2

Elisha & Resurrection Power II Kings 4:8-37 “One day Elisha went on to Shunem, where a prominent woman lived…..she said to her husband, ‘behold now, I know that this is a holy man of God who is continually passing our way. Let us make a small room for him so that whenever he comes to […]

Joshua Pt. 10: Relational Renewal

Recap of the book of Joshua up to now: Moses dies, Joshua is to lead into the promised land / They untie and share in sacrifice / Rahab and the spies model active faith / God brings them across the Joran by miracle / They take time to memorialize that event / God deepens the […]

Joshua Pt. 9: The Forgiven Community, Leaders & Servants

Todays passage is what is know as the second battle of Ai. The first battle wasn’t much a of a battle…This time the nation of Israel is victorious, first and foremost because they are once again rightly related to Yahweh, having dealt with the disobedience of Achen. This battle is won by God inspired leadership, […]

Joshua Pt. 7: Devotion

When I say devotion what comes to mind? Devotion begins with a conviction to be devoted to something or someone. Devotion is about sacrifice… when I am devoted to someone or something I am willing to sacrifice for that person or team or church. Devotion is action, my devoted thought is not proof of my […]