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PSALMS: Christ’s Prayer Manual Pt. 2

Psalm 2:Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against His anointed, saying,“Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.”The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. He rebukes them in […]

PSALMS: Christ’s Prayer Manual Pt. 1

Biblical Assumptions: #1: We cannot pray as God wants us to without following HIS instructions. The Lord’s Prayer How God had this book written and compiled #2: We need and have been given a ‘Prayer Manual’: PSALMS Learn how to use it Constant practice #3: God wants our hearts to align with HIS…that happens in […]

James: Practical Biblical Living Pt. 9

This ending section of Jame’s letter to the scatted Christian churches, is framed by the reality of Christ’s eminent return. James calls his Brothers and Sisters to live in light of Eternity. What does that mean? It means the reality of the Gospel animates & guides your entire life! Decisions and relationships, marriage, career and […]

Belief In The Resurrection

We are here today to declare the absolute reality of Jesus The Christ’s Resurrection. I know my redeemer lives! Christ’s resurrection is crucial, if you do not believe it,why would you surrender your life to Christ? If you are here today with any doubts about Jesus of Nazareth’s permanent, bodily resurrection, I want to encourage […]

James: Practical Biblical Living Pt. 8

Last week’s passage was a great overview of the posture we are to have towards God as His Body. The two elements of singular devotion and true humility combine to create the standard operating mode for a disciple of Jesus Christ. Once we have been given our standards of how we interact with God, we […]

James: Practical Biblical Living Pt. 7

This passage is a treasure trove of Biblical Theology and Practical Application! Jesus Christ calls HIS body into a singular, undivided relationship, the only way we enter is with humility. In this relationship He places His Spirit into us so that we can overcome ourselves and live a life of ‘Singular Humility! But too often […]

James: Practical Biblical Living Pt. 6

The Book of James is a combination of Biblical Theology and practical application. James’ view of God is formed by the Hebrew scriptures and fulfilled in The Christ. As an introduction to today’s text, I’m going to briefly recap what has proceeded it: Our growth ‘In Christ’ happens in challenges, trials, temptations and failures that […]

James: Practical Biblical Living Pt. 5

James letter is going to talk about how we use words. First in regards to the teaching of God’s Word. Then in regard to how our ‘tongues’, when not controlled, can poison Christ’s Body and make all of life, a ‘burning hell’. Lastly James is going to address how the redeemed body of Christ, those […]

James: Practical Biblical Living Pt. 4

I begin with a note about the translation. You may find the version I am using unfamiliar, it was written in 1958. If you read the NASB (1971) or the NIV (1978) or the NLT (1996) or The ESV (2001) you owe a debt of gratitude to The JB Phillips. Phillips pioneered modern translations of […]

James: Practical Biblical Living Pt. 3

We have been involved as a church in a quest to become as Biblical as possible. Why? Because it matters how Christ’s body lives! As those surrendered to the Lordship of Christ we want to live as God wants us to. Scripture gives us commands and principals for how we are to live as God’s […]