A Psalm 78 Prayer

I pray in agreement with You Yahweh, about the stories we have heard and known, the Hebrew Scriptures handed down to us. I put my trust in Your Word Yahweh, and will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of My Lord, about Your power and Your mighty wonders.
You instructed our spiritual ancestors to teach these things to their children, incorporating them into their daily lives, so the next generation might know them, and that each generation in turn would pass them on to their own children. So every generation would set its hope anew on You, not forgetting Your glorious miracles and obeying Your benevolent instruction.
May I not forget what You did, the great wonders You showed Israel, the miracles You did for Your chosen people. For even though they knew of Your wonders, over time they stopped trusting You, their hearts were not loyal. They did not keep Your covenant.
They did not remember Your power and how You rescued them from their enemies. They did not remember Your miraculous signs in Egypt, and how You led them like a flock of sheep out of slavery, protecting them and delivering them; making the sea cover their enemies.
You brought them to Your holy land, You drove out the nations before them; You gave them their inheritance by lot. But they kept testing and rebelling against You, God Most High. They did not obey Your covenant teachings. They were as faithless as their parents. Yet You were merciful and forgave their sins and did not destroy them all. Many times You held back Your anger and did not unleash your just fury! For You remembered that they were merely mortals.

Lord by Your Spirit may I and This Body be faithful to You; reverently learning the lessons You want to teach us about ourselves from those who came before us. May Your Spirit make us humble, that we would be in awe before You always!