Thyatira: Compromised Leadership

It is the progression of Non Biblical Theology leading to Non Christ-like Doxology

It goes from ‘tolerating some among you’ @ Pergamum to ‘permitting Jezebel to lead servants astray’ @ Thyatira

And Jesus goes from declaring the truth to pronouncing Judgement

This sort of situation comes from apathetic members not holding leaders accountable

Revelation 2:18-29

Write this letter to the angel of the church in Thyatira. This is the message from the Son of God, whose eyes are like flames of fire, whose feet are like polished bronze:

  • Thyatira: nothing special
  • Blue collar town, Trade Guilds ran the town
  • Known for Purple Dye and textiles / armor production (Where Lydia was from)
  • Along the trade route
  • ‘Son of God’ / Eyes of Fire / Feet of Bronze = Judgement…

I know all the things you do. I have seen your love, your faith, your service, and your patient endurance. And I can see your constant improvement in all these things.

  • Christ wants us to know He sees ‘All The Things’ we do,Corporate & Individual
  • He has seen the these 4 key attributes of ‘Real Deal’ Christianity
  • He has seen spiritual growth…this is what HE WANTS to see from us

But I have this complaint against you. You are permitting that woman—that Jezebel who calls herself a prophet—to lead my servants astray.

  • But all that Good can be corrupted…through corrupt leadership
  • The Church Body is called to hold leadership accountable to Scripture
  • Jezebel is a ‘Nickname’ for a person who is as evil as the OT Jezebel
  • The church is allowing her to operate in a position of authority
  • The problem is not her gender, it is her theology and practices
  • You can only lead servants astray if you have some authority (who gave it?)
  • Every Church Member shares responsibility to keep leadership ‘Biblical’

She teaches them to commit sexual sin and to eat food offered to idols. I gave her time to repent, but she does not want to turn away from her immorality.

  • Same Heresy, different situation
  • Pergamum & Smyrna people were bringing Heresy in, here it is in the leadership
  • What was being taught in other cities was good but people were disobeying
  • Here they are being ‘Taught’ what is wrong / non biblical (Heresy)
  • God has waited for her to turn, but she had made her choice

Therefore, I will throw her on a bed of suffering, and those who commit adultery with her will suffer greatly unless they repent and turn away from her evil deeds. I will strike her children dead.

  • Her and those being deceived will suffer judgement
  • But God is STILL ready for them to repent
  • Those who replicate her ‘Spiritual DNA’ will be ‘Spiritually Dead’

Then all the churches will know that I am the one who searches out the thoughts and intentions of every person. And I will give to each of you whatever you deserve.

  • ‘The Churches’ means those with God’s Spirit inside them
  • They will have clarity about God’s Omniscience
  • They will have clarity about God’s Justice
  • He knows it all and so His justice is perfect

But I also have a message for the rest of you in Thyatira who have not followed this false teaching (‘deeper truths,’ as they call them—depths of Satan, actually). I will ask nothing more of you except that you hold tightly to what you have until I come.

  • Non Biblical Doctrine is always presented as a ‘deeper, more enlightened understanding’ (it plays to our PRIDE)
  • The fear is of being ‘left out’ or being ‘Old Fashioned’ or being ‘Traditional’
  • God says: don’t go looking for ‘New’ spirituality, hold fast the to the Biblical Gospel.
  • If the Gospel is enough we don’t need to ‘Reinvent the Wheel’

To all who are victorious, who obey me to the very end: ‘To them I will give authority over all the nations. They will rule the nations with an iron rod and smash them like clay pots’.

  • The Victor is won for us, we yield by God’s Spirit to surrender
  • Victory is ‘Expressed’ with consistent obedience
  • Christ quotes Psalm 2 (About God’s Final Authority)

They will have the same authority I received from my Father, and I will also give them the morning star!

  • Oneness with ‘The Son’
  • ‘Co-heirs with Christ’

Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches.

  • The repetition of this sentence is important
  • Here it comes at the end, instead of before promises to ‘All who are Victorious’
  • The last three messages after this one all end like this.

Application Questions:

What about how Jesus describes Himself is interesting to you?

Where do you see love, faith, service and patience constantly improving in your life?

What cultural influences can lead you astray? What are wise precautions?

What does Scripture teach about leaders of Christ’s Body & their accountability?

What can we learn about God’s justice from this passage?

If God knows your thoughts and intention why it is important to embrace repentance?

Do you have a plan for how you will obey Christ until the very end?