Becoming & Being A Member

Becoming a Member

Acts 2:36-47: Biblical Requirements & Blessings of Local Church Membership.

Acts 2:36-41 The Requirements: they received, understood, and affirmed the gospel of Christ presented to them; conviction and godly sorrow led to repentance; Spirit Indwelling; they were baptized as a public testimony of their new life in Christ and then stayed in community…

Acts 2:42-47 The Blessings: doctrine, fellowship, communion, prayer, experiencing God at work, unity, privilege of serving and loving others, gladness in God, being used by the Lord to extend salvation to others. All of these happened as part of a local body meeting regularly (with the same people!)

The Church Provides: A Relational Workshop / A Discipleship Platform / A System of Accountability / A Unity of Mission / A Set of Shared Values / A Shared Identity / A Community for Expression of Gifts / A Way to Cooperate in Blessing Others / A Family that Displays God’s Glory

Biblical Membership Standards / Expectations


Grace VS Law

The Church Itself is The Gatekeeper / Keeper of the Keys

Understanding & Belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is THE Only Requirement

Clear Biblical Gospel Presentation

  • Brokenness (Matt 18:4-5)

  • Repentance (pg 88 & Mark 1:15)

  • Baptism (pg 90 & Acts 2:38

Affirming Our Statement of Faith

  • 1 John 4:1-3

Jesus Christ makes you a member of a Local Church by HIS Spirit

Being a Member

Start with Table Discussion Segment On Philippians 2:1-18

Set Up:

  • The critical part of submission is participation & ownership

  • We submit to each other as we possess and share intimately in Christ made fellowship

  • What does that look like? How does it work?

  • Where does the motivation and example come from?

Eight Ways To Submit to a Local Church

Publicly: Officially Joining and publicly Identifying with the church. Public Baptism

Geographically: Being where the church is and where it’s members are.

Socially: Active participation in the life of the church, shaping and being shaped by it.

Affectionately: Emotionally investing yourself in the church and church members.

Financially: Generously supporting the church, other members and the leadership.

Ethically: Making The Church & God’s Word the primary source of right and wrong.

Spiritually: Exercising Spiritual Gifts, Participation in Discipleship, & Praying for &