Overview of The Book of Psalms

Biblical Assumptions:

#1: We cannot pray as God wants us to without following HIS instructions.

  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • How God had this book written and compiled

#2: We need and have been given a ‘Prayer Manual’: PSALMS

  • Learn how to use it
  • Constant practice

#3: God wants our hearts to align with HIS…that happens in prayer

  • He wants to have the realest of communication with you
  • He wants to love on you

#4: This inspired collection was meant to be read as instruction in correct prayer to Yahweh and used in the practice of God honoring prayer.

  • We will learn prayer principals to specifically apply to our life
  • We will practice prayer in these attitudes and postures to glorify Yahweh

David’s Role In Psalms

  • Anointed King, Messianic Forefather, Prophet and Fully Surrendered Child
  • David by the Spirit writes as: Yahweh, King of God’s People, Messiah, & Man
  • Yahweh promises HIS Messiah will come from David
  • David typifies The Christ to come

Poems/Songs/Prayers Collected into Five Books

1: Covenant Faithfulness to Torah

2: Messianic Hope (Promised David)

3: Lament of Separation (Exile)

4: Cry 4 Mercy / Omnipotence in Creation

5: God Hears via Messiah & Torah

Psalm 1

1 How blessed are those who; reject the advice of the wicked, don’t stand on the way of sinners or sit where scoffers sit!

  • The collection begins with this statement
  • The end of prayer instruction from Yahweh is transformation
  • God’s Word instructs, we connect in prayer and we act like God wants us to
  • Blessing results from true belief that expresses itself in consistent action
  • Active theology: Reject philosophy & thought, do not share space with evil

2 Their delight is in THE I AM’s instruction; on His teachings they meditate day and night.

  • This delight mean the highest possible value is place upon it
  • ‘The I Am’ is a transliteration of Yahweh, the intimate, personal name of God
  • In the Psalms where you find God named as Yahweh, you will see ‘THE I AM’
  • Often this is translated as God’s Law…but instruction is a better word ‘Torah’
  • Meditating on it is PRAYER!! Prayerfully considering Yahweh’s teachings

3 They are like trees planted by streams — they bear their fruit in season, their leaves never wither, everything they do succeeds. 4 Not so the wicked, who are like chaff driven by the wind.

  • Trees planted by streams; hardwired to what they were made to need: WATER!
  • They are permanently connected to their Life Source!
  • God is what we were made to need more than anything else
  • Praying / Delighting Scripture hardwires us to The God of The Bible.
    • Connection comes from Delight? OR Delight comes from Connection? Y!
  • When we delight in Yahweh’s teaching, we learn it and then we do it (delight)
  • Delighting in Yahweh’s teaching is our Goal in prayer! Intimate Connection!
  • What does it look like when we are doing it the way God wants us to:
    • We will bear fruit in season (Do what we were made by God to do)
    • We will thrive (Experience Joy and Peace doing what God wills)
    • Christian Success = Permanent connection to The Life Source, not Stuff
  • ‘The Wicked’ are understood to be those opposed to Yahweh’s teachings
  • They have no future… no one wants to be counted amongst the wicked….
  • But here is the problem: There is NO MIDDLE GROUND!
  • We are intimately connected to God’s teachings OR we are opposed to it:

There are but two choices of destiny laid out throughout the Scriptures:

5 For this reason the wicked won’t stand up to the judgment, nor will sinners at the gathering of the righteous.

  • There is one judge: THE I AM, when HE judges them wicked then they are
  • There’ll be none without delight in HIS teaching when HE gathers HIS righteous

6 For THE I AM watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked is doomed.

  • Because THE I AM made the righteous HE gives them eternity with HIM
  • And HE gives them a delight for HIS loving, graceful instructions
  • We are to make these teaching a constant focus of our prayer
  • The Wicked = All who do not ‘delight’ in the teaching of the Biblical God / Christ

Instead of Summary & Application points I will be composing Prayers based on the instruction contained in the particular poems / songs I am expositing.

God Lord father,

I desire the blessings that come from; rejecting the advice of the wicked, going the opposite way of sin, and being anywhere YOU are rejected. Lord transform me by Your spirit to walk in Your ways. Change my thinking, my goals and my habits.

I believe such blessings are possessed by those who delightfully live out Your instructions and prayerfully consider them day and night. Father by Your spirit grow my delight in your sacred teachings. Teach me how to pray Your ways, with Your words to Your glory! May my actions and words reflect Your sacred instructions.

YOU bless those who delight in learning and living Your Word; making them as trees planted by a river. They bear fruit in season, their leaves never wither, everything they do succeeds. Lord connect me in Your life; enable me to be what YOU created me to be. I desire Your goals for my life, I desire the supernatural vitality of living out your will; thriving in ways you have ordained!

YOU tell me the fate of those who reject Your Instruction is as chaff driven by the wind, eternally unconnected to YOU. They cannot stand up to your judgment, nor will those who embrace sin eternally gather with Your redeemed. Yahweh I repent of any way, shape or form that I reject YOU, Your Messiah or Your Scripture. I Pray for all who reject YOU to repent. I have no greater need than to be connected to YOU!

For YOU watch over the way of those YOU have made righteous but those who reject YOU will be forever without YOU. Father, Lord God YOU have made me righteous in Christ. I confess YOU possess of my life, my soul, and my eternity. I pray by Your Spirit that my way becomes fully Your way. Amen!